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Customer:Velikij Bičkív seliŝna work
Date:Jan 07, 2013

Official site of the village of Velykyj Bychkov

During the first mention of the Large Bychkov, This feature vyokremylasya, like a real uniqueness, because that was the way of life settlement. He was at the crossroads of trade routes from the East and West, from North and South. Locals absorbed in his particular mentality Ukrainian-easterners (Hutsuls, Boyko), dignity and diligence Vlachs (Romanians), cultural heritage of Hungarians, Czechs, ability hendlyuvaty, Commercial success of Jews, etc.. As always lived in harmony representatives of many different nationalities, mutually enriching the material and spiritual world. Therefore, the national character, clothing ones, velykobychkivtsiv culture reflected all these features. The pages on the Internet, we propose to work with local authorities special features multi-faceted lives of our people, who create the glorious history of the settlement which flows into a bright drop of life, history of the area, area , State.

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